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Unlike bees and yellow jackets, hornets seem to be pretty harmless at first sight, as they are not big fans of sugary foods. They won’t get in contact with human beings; they will not sting you and your family members or buzz around your favorite ice cream until it comes to protecting their nests from strangers. Threatened hornets get really aggressive when they have to defend their home. So, our advice to you - don’t mess around with those guys!

Removing a hornet nest is very dangerous. Stings are at the very least painful, with some people being allergic, hornets can put their lives at risk. If you notice that there are more hornets in your attic beam or any other place than usual, then there is probably their nest somewhere around. Make a quick tour in and outside your house paying attention to the covered areas such as roof eaves, garden sheds, attic rafters and so on.

One should immediately arrange for a professional pest control treatment to remove any hornet nest located near their house.  Wasp Control Toronto works as a team of certified, highly-skilled pest control specialists who provide hornet nest removal services inside and outside houses for the residents of Toronto, Ontario and greater Toronto area, Mississauga, Milton, Oakville, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Ajax and Markham. We offer reliable and insured solutions to make sure you are no longer bothered by uninvited guests.

Why are hornets building nests in my area?

When spring sets in, the queen starts searching for a new location to start her colony. Hornet nest can be located anywhere, in places like bushes, trees, hedges, attic beams and other concealed areas of a house. As already mentioned, hornets are not attracted to sweet things. Yet garbage and food scraps look very appealing to insects like hornets. That is why, we highly recommend that you keep your garbage bins outside the house sealed. This can prevent them from coming to your property in the first place.

Anyway, if you notice a hornet nest near your property, never try to remove it yourself. If you don’t have the necessary skills to do it on your own, your attempt to get rid of the pests can turn into a disaster resulting in getting attacked and receiving multiple hornet stings. The right thing to do is to let Wasp Control Toronto take care of everything! We will come up with a fast and effective solution to quickly and safely remove hornet nests near or in the house. Plus, our experts will give you free tips and DIY-tricks for keeping those pests away from your home in future.

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