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Bees are very beneficial to our ecology as they pollinate the crops that provide our food. But one cannot deny the fact that these useful insects can become a big problem if they decide to occupy some part of your property and to build a hive near your home. Bees are less aggressive than wasps or hornets, but they will certainly defend their nest and might swarm or sting someone who disturbs their nest by accident. Moreover, living next to bees is more dangerous and even life-threatening for those who are allergic to bee stings. 

They usually try to build their hives in well-hidden places, such as inside a wall or a chimney or inside a hollow tree. All of the wax comb must be removed while removing a bee nest. Otherwise, it can become a feeding ground for mice, rats, hive beetles and wax moths.

Wasp Toronto Control offers certified, insured, highly trained pest control professionals to solve your bee swarm or beehive problem. As a result, our technicians will use the latest pest removal methods and equipment to eliminate the infestation and protect your family or customers. Wasp Control Toronto provides bee control and bee removal services for the residents of Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Ajax and Markham.

Our technicians will come to your place, locate the bee nesting area and resolve the bee issue. We will also answer any questions concerning bee removal and bee control and give further instructions on how to prevent any future bee infestation. Our experts securely remove hives, prevent their return, and use environmentally sound methods that will not interfere with commercial hives and pollinators.

If you see a dense cloud of bees whirling into the air, don’t panic. It is just a bee swarm and they do not intend to attack you. A bee swarm is a natural part of the bees reproductive cycle. It’s a group of bees that recently left their old hive and are looking for a new home, they have not nest to protect. Nevertheless they can become aggressive if they feel under threat. If a bee swarm doesn’t bother you much and you can handle their presence for a while, then you shouldn’t do anything and leave the bees alone. They will go away on their own in a few days and find a new permanent home.

However, if the bees are becoming a nuisance and you cannot wait till they leave your place on their own, then you should call Wasp Control Toronto as soon as possible. We will safely remove the bees and relocate them to locations where a beekeeper will take a good care of them. 

The method of removing a bee swarm or a beehive may vary as it depends on the size of the nest or swarm, its location and the types of the bees. Therefore, initial site inspections and consultations are vital for the successful removal.

If you live in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Ajax or Markham and have bees that need to be removed, call Wasp Control Toronto at 416-729-5657 and our highly experienced professionals will do the entire necessary job quickly and effectively.


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